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Newspaper Digitization Examples

Newspaper Digitization

Newspaper Digitization Examples

There are many 18th, 19th and early 20th century U.S. and international digitized newspapers available online.

Here are just a few sites that feature some newspaper digitization efforts- some of which are ongoing projects.

The University of Florida has digitized countless Florida newspapers, with some dating back to the 1880’s. Also available on the site are Puerto Rican newspapers digitized by their partner, The University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras.

Even if you don’t read Finnish, the National Library of Finland’s collection of various local newspapers dating back to 1771 is a notable example of pre-20th century font types, and has a variety of search and viewing options, including OCR.

Several newspapers from Latin America are in the process of being digitized after the launch of the Global Collections Initiative from the Center for Research Libraries. One of the newspapers is El Mercurio  (Santiago, Chile)

More information on the other newspapers already available and projects in the pipeline can be found here: